Rebeka Acosta, founder & Executive Director

Rebeka Acosta is the first Board Certified Patient Advocate in the state of Nevada and Founder of A+J Patient Advocacy. After a 15-year career in health administration, she transitioned to health advocacy in 2018. She believes every individual with a medical diagnosis should have a health advocate by their side and works to ensure her clients get the best from their health providers.

Ms. Acosta is passionate about health education for all abilities, supporting the entire family unit, and collaborating with community service providers. She is a chronic illness patient as well as the parent of two teenagers with chronic illness, which helps her to connect with patients and their families on a deeper level.

When not supporting clients, Rebeka enjoys being by the water, watching reality television, trying new restaurants, and traveling. She lives in Henderson, Nevada with her husband, two sons, and two Great Danes.

echo, chief happiness officer

Echo is a 9-year-old Great Dane mix who answers to “Princess.” Weighing in at 83 pounds, she is 100% a smart, snuggly, diva of a dog. Her favorites include vegetable treats (red bell pepper, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes), car rides, and visits from the neighbor kids. Echo never turns down a pup treat at the drive-thru and will definitely let you know when dinner is served 5 minutes late.

sunny, chief hugging officer

Sunny is a Great Dane born April 1, 2022 who answers to “Sunny Bunny.” She has a lot more growing to do and at 8 months old weighs in at 94 pounds. Sunny has no idea how big she is and maybe even thinks she is a cat. Training is going well, she loves walks and car rides, gives the best hugs ever, and is afraid of everything just like a Great Dane should be.

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