National Association of Healthcare Advocacy

A+J Patient Advocacy is proud to be a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC).

Through this membership with NAHAC, our advocate is able to participate in continuing education courses in compliance with the Patient Advocate Certification Board, better serving our clients and community. Our advocate is also able to mentor new professionals and share our expertise in pediatric and young adult chronic illness advocacy. You can also find our listing in their Advocate Directory directory here.

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The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the promotion of the profession of healthcare advocacy through empowerment, education and collaboration.

We EMPOWER advocates with rigorous standards for the practice of health care advocacy including the NAHAC Code of EthicsTM, and Standards and Best PracticesTM.

We EDUCATE advocates and patients with current resources  to obtain the best quality of care and to ensure patient safety.

We COLLABORATE with consumers and advocacy groups to expand awareness so that together we are continuously improving patient care.

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