There is no free-standing children’s hospital in Nevada.

Our pediatric healthcare system is on life support. Pediatric specialists are few and far between and the number of practicing general pediatricians (compared to our population of children) puts Nevada at just 60% of national standards. 

With pediatric healthcare stretched so thin, families are facing longer wait times for appointments, spending more money out-of-pocket for specialists not contracted with insurance, and having to manage the stress and spillover of delayed medical treatment. On its very best day, Nevada’s pediatric healthcare system and social service network is extremely complicated, pushing families to give up, and forcing children to go untreated.

Independent healthcare advocates can help.

A+J Patient Advocacy provides free health navigation, health education, and health advocacy services across Nevada. Our clients include children, teens, young adults, and their families, in addition to local community organizations.

We help families navigate the healthcare system maze, ensure their voices are being heard as the leaders of the care team, and guide the patients as they grow and learn more about their condition. Our advocates also push for progress in the healthcare system, educating providers through one-on-one patient visits as well as educational workshops. Young adults who are a product of this fractured pediatric healthcare system and subsequently tossed into a stressed adult healthcare system are struggling to adult while drowning in their healthcare troubles. In Nevada, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t need a professional health advocate.

Generous donors make a huge difference!

We are working everyday to create generations of informed and empowered healthcare consumers…but we cannot do it alone!

When you donate to A+J Patient Advocacy, 100% of your support benefits young people and their families through our programs and services. Simply put, your financial contribution helps Nevada’s children, teens, and young adults thrive!

Rest assured that your financial donation is well-stewarded and directly supports the youth and families we serve. We are proud to have earned the highest GuideStar transparency rating for 2023: Platinum. Supports can rest assured their donations are well-stewarded and directly benefit the youth and families we serve. Donors may review our GuideStar profile by clicking the Platinum Transparency designation below:

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