Health Care Transition 101

This post is the first in a series dedicated to Health Care Transition. Don’t miss additional posts coming soon for parents/caregivers, teens and young adults, and medical providers. For a printable version of this information, please click here. What is Health Care Transition? Health care transition is the process of graduating from pediatric medical providersContinue reading “Health Care Transition 101”

Asking Questions About Your Child’s Medication

A+J Advisory Panel member Stacie Lampkin, PharmD shares her professional advice on asking questions about your child’s medication. For a printable version of this post, please click here. Asking Questions About Your Child’s Medication Anytime a medication is recommended you should ask questions about the medication. First, it’s important to know how it fits intoContinue reading “Asking Questions About Your Child’s Medication”

Payless.Health Search Engine Coming Soon

One Fact Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in New York City. Their mission is to transform health care across the world using open source principles. Launching soon is, a free platform to help people understand how much they will pay for health care and a place to find guidance. A+J Patient Advocacy isContinue reading “Payless.Health Search Engine Coming Soon”

An Advocate’s Guide to Cheaper Prescriptions

Each time a new drug is approved, it costs manufactures an average of $180,000 over a year to bring it to market. It is no surprise that these astronomical costs are passed on to consumers – we the patients. Americans spend an average of $1,300 per person per year on prescription drugs. [source: Bloomberg News]Continue reading “An Advocate’s Guide to Cheaper Prescriptions”

Get Connected. Get Help. 2-1-1 Available Nationwide.

Have you heard of 2-1-1? Covering every U.S. state, they are the local experts who make finding help easier. You can call, text, and web chat with someone in your local area to find help meeting basic needs like housing, food, transportation, and health care. Find your local network at Nevada Residents Nevada 2-1-1Continue reading “Get Connected. Get Help. 2-1-1 Available Nationwide.”

Never Go To A Medical Appointment Empty Handed

Before they enter the room, your doctor, nurse, or other care provider prepared for your visit. You, the patient, should be just as prepared. A visit with any health care provider should reflect a balanced conversation, a positive effort towards relationship building, and a true human-to-human understanding. It should never be one-sided nor should aContinue reading “Never Go To A Medical Appointment Empty Handed”

A+J Joins Find Help

FindHelp: Connected Social Care for Healthier Communities A+J Patient Advocacy is now listed on, a national social care network. Individuals needing assistance in a variety of areas can search for local organizations and request services. You can view the A+J listing under Patient Advocacy & Navigation and while there, be sure to check outContinue reading “A+J Joins Find Help”

Children Need Independent Patient Advocates, Too

Your Friendly Advocate recently wrote for Case Management Society of America’s official magazine about the importance of independent patient advocates for the pediatric population. Those who work in adult medicine are beginning to understand and embrace the concept of independent patient advocacy. They see the potential for increased patient safety and better health outcomes. TheyContinue reading “Children Need Independent Patient Advocates, Too”

When Health & Education Collide

Advocacy crosses all sectors, but health & education advocacy often go hand-in-hand. A+J is a patient advocacy organization, meaning we work with clients and their healthcare needs. But, at its core, advocacy is applicable in any sector/industry/field. When you think of healthcare and education, there are so many links, especially for children and teens withContinue reading “When Health & Education Collide”